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The innovative antibacterial glaze
It is an improvement of Cataglaze glazing system; besides being more resistant to limescale and therefore easier to clean, it has a powerful antimicrobial action able to kill bacteria. The effectiveness of the new formula is guaranteed by the presence in the mix of silver and titanium ions. The antibacterial action is ISO 22196 certified.
Silver Titanium 
The constant drive to innovation of Catalano laboratories resulted in a special glazing, able to take advantage of the chemical features of silver and titanium particles. Thanks to these peculiar metals, this high performance composite glazing has excellent antibacterial properties.
Total Hygiene

Catalano has been investing for years in technological innovation and experimentation in materials science, aiming to obtain products which guarantee the highest levels of hygiene.

Resistance to chemicals
Cataglaze+® Silver Titanium glazing is tested for resistance to the most common chemical agents.
Respect for the enviroment

This new ceramic glaze ensures to use less detergent and less water, and therefore it reduces the risk of releasing potential pollutions into the environment.


The minimum roughness value makes the surface extremely shiny - perfectly reflecting the light - and smooth, avoiding any opacity due to limescale residues.

Easier to clean

Regular cleaning, thanks to the characteristics of this extraordinary ceramic glaze, is more effective and faster. Reduced maintenance effort. Always perfectly shining ceramic surfaces.


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