Alca Basic Flush Plate Code - M278

Built on a passion for continuous innovation, and delivering top quality, yet simple solutions, Alcas primary aim is to make the lives of their customers easier. On this basis, they have developed frame solutions for every imaginable scenario, including systems with forced air ventilation, cisterns that conserve water, options for people with reduced mobility, and much more.

Alca Basic Flush Plate

SKU: M1710
£54.00 Regular Price
£44.55Sale Price
Colour: White
  • Application
    For Alca pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns

    The possibility of combining different colors of the base plate and flush plates
    Double-acting mechanical flushing
    Compatible with all Alcaplast pre-wall installation systems and cisterns for building into solid walls
    Surface finish: white
    Material: plastic

    EAN: 8595580531959