Bisque Radiators Deline Towel Rail 180x60 - DEL-180-60

Bisque pride themselves on attention to detail and this can be seen in the design of the Deline towel rail. In addition to the high quality finishes and hidden air vent, They have mounted the brackets on the back of the towel rail, which is not only better aesthetically but also allows towels to hang freely. The Deline is available with dual fuel for summer use and also as an electric only version.

Bisque Deline Towel Rail 180x60

SKU: DEL-180-60
£338.40 Regular Price
£253.80Sale Price
  • Height 1866mm
    Width 600mm
    General: 978 Watts /3335 BTU
    Chrome: 714 Watts /2435 BTU

    Product Type Heated Towel Rail