Alca Flat Metal Flush Plate Code - FUN-WHITE

Elegant and beautiful is how we can characterize the new FLAT flush plates, which were designed for the most demanding of customers. They meet the demands of modern interior design by their original and clean lines which match the other elements in the bathroom.


The technical solution of the flush plates is also new. The mechanism is fully recessed into the wall, so the flush plate effectively merges with the surrounding tiles. The plate itself is made of brushed metal, on which fingerprints are not visible.

Alca Flat Metal Flush Plate

£288.00 Regular Price
£237.60Sale Price
Colour: Alunox
  • Application
    For Alca pre-wall installation systems and concealed WC cisterns

    Double-acting mechanical flushing
    Compatible with all Alcaplast pre-wall installation systems and cisterns for building into solid walls
    Maintenance with common detergents used in the household for plumbing fixtures and bathroom accessories
    Resistant to UV rays and external influences
    Precise workmanship with laser technology
    Surface finish: alunox-mat, Anti-fingerprint with surface treatment that eliminates fingerprint smudges
    Material: anodized aluminum

    EAN: 8595580523671