Catalano Green Lux 60x40 Washbasin - 160APGRLXNO -

Elegance and preciousness of Made in Italy design can be found in Gold & Silver collection. Inspired by the traditional techniques of high jewellery, these products owe their precious metal shades to the use of pure silver and 18k gold. Following the rising demand and to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic tastes, the company has reached perfection in order to keep the brightness unchanged. The finishes are now applied to six washbasins and a pair of wall-hung WC and bidet, in combination with its innovative Cataglaze®+ treatment in black and white colours.

Catalano Green Lux 60x40 Washbasin

£1,107.60 Regular Price
£886.08Sale Price
  • Washbasin suitable for sit on installation
    Without overflow
    Gold and black