Catalano Green One 55x45 Washbasin - 155GRON00 -

The Green range, based on nature’s morphological principles, is marked by continuous curves and thin edges. The full range is made of 3 systems, featuring different morphologic characteristics: 7 Green washbasins, suitable for sit-on, wall-hung, furniture or pedestal mounted installation; 3 Green Up washbasins, marked by thin edges and side shelves, suitable for wall-hung and furniture installation; 8 Green Lux washbasins, suitable for semi inset and sit-on installation, with natural shapes and thin edges, also available in white, light blue, green and grey satin finishes.

Catalano Green One 55x45 Washbasin

SKU: 155GRON00
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Colour: White
  • Suitable for Wall Hung installation.
    With overflow