Duravit Luv Wash bowl - 0380600000 -

The unusual design of the Luv series, designed by Cecilie Manz, combines Nordic minimalism with timeless elegance. Gentle forms follow a stringent geometry. Luv is defined by precise, clear and fine forms and edges. The designer's original vision for this range was a bowl filled with water on a table. The result is a new design language that, both minimalist and elegant, can be interpreted in a highly individual manner.

Duravit Luv Wash bowl

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  • Ground
    Without overflow
    With tap platform
    Ceramic covered continuous flow waste included 
    Fixings included

    Width: 600 mm
    Depth: 400 mm
    Height: 135 mm 
    Weight: 10.3 KG 

    Design by Cecilie Manz

    Also available with WonderGliss Ceramics which have been coated with WonderGliss will stay smooth, attractive-looking and clean for a long time to come.