Viega Prevista Dry WC Element, Model 8530 - Code VI804206
GO2X Prevista Dry WC Element - I0006041 

Viega Pre-​wall installation system for dry construction (lightweight construction wall). Barrier-​free and handicapped accessible mounting is possible. Ready-​to-​install pre-​wall elements for half height and room height pre-​wall constructions, as well as free-​standing constructions.

Viega Prevista WC Frame 0.98m

SKU: VI804206
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  • Compatible with all WC flush plates for Prevista
    Integration in Prevista Dry Plus
    Dual flush technology
    Flush actuation from front or top


    powder-​coated frame (40x40), concealed cistern 3L, empty pipe for shower WC connection, WC connection fitting, fixing material, lockable foot for adjusting the construction height, water connection R½, WC connection elbow DN90 (depth-​adjustable) made of PP, eccentric adapter DN90/100 made of PP

    Technical data

    Small flush volume factory setting approx. 3 l
    Small flush volume setting range approx. 2–4 l
    Large flush volume factory setting approx. 6 l
    Large flush volume setting range approx. 3.5–7.5 l
    Max. load 400 kg
    Max. projection 700 mm