High-level showering enjoyment: the Raindance Select E 300 2jet chrome overhead shower with shower arm for wall mounting allows you to experience water in its most beautiful form. Look forward to more quality of life in the bathroom thanks to luxurious shower comfort, elegant design and sophisticated care features. 

Raindance Select E Overhead shower 300 2jet with shower arm

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  • consists of: overhead shower, shower arm
    shower head size: 300 x 160 mm
    spray type: Rain, RainAir
    shower arm length 390 mm
    ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable
    maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 15 l/min
    flow rate Rain spray (at 3 bar): 15 l/min
    flow rate RainAir spray (at 3 bar): 14 l/min
    Select button on overhead shower
    spray disc surface in two variants: chrome or white
    material spray disc: metal
    spray disc removable for cleaning
    installation: wall
    connection thread G ½
    connection dimension: DN15