All good things come from above: the Rainmaker Select 580 3jet white and chrome overhead shower for wall mounting offers fabulous, high-level shower enjoyment. Look forward to lasting water pleasure thanks to luxurious shower comfort, elegant design and sophisticated care features.

Rainmaker Select Overhead shower 580 3jet

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  • consists of: overhead shower, wall connector
    shower head size: 586 x 258 mm
    spray type: Rain, RainFlow, MonoRain
    maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 20 l/min
    flow rate Rain spray (at 3 bar): 17 l/min
    flow rate Mono spray (at 3 bar): 20 l/min
    flow rate RainFlow spray (at 3 bar): 17 l/min
    the 3 spray zones must be controlled via 3 valves or a diverter valve with 3 outlets
    easy cleanable glass spray disc
    material spray disc: safety glass
    spray disc removable for cleaning
    installation: wall-mounted - for installation on iBox
    connection dimension: DN15/DN20