Composing the bathroom environment means weaving relationships between intimacy, silence, the interior value of a place and forms, materials, lights and colours. In an infinity of possible combinations. To make these expressions unique GSI has enriched its family of products with Colour Elements. Seductively physical and with a distinctive character, our new matt finishing’s are designed to accompany supported washbasins, as well as semi built-in washbasins. Selected pairs of suspended wc/bidets come with the special “Dual Glaze” finishing that combines an opaque glaze on the outside of the sanitary fixture with a shiny Extraglaze® one on the hydraulic sections in contact with water. An exclusive feature that ensures maximum hygiene.

GS9084 Sand 40 Washbasin

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  • Washbasin with overflow
    1 Taphole
    Wall Hung or Built in installation.

    Weight: 9.6KG