Burlington Trafalgar Radiator - R1CHR -

Burlington radiators offer a broad range of various styles. There are options here to complement your traditional bathroom beautifully. All Burlington radiators except the Strand (R11 CHR) are designed to work with the extra fitting of an electric summer heating kit, allowing warm towels all year round.

Burlington Trafalgar Radiator

£649.00 Regular Price
£454.30Sale Price
  • Finish: Chrome
    Material: Steel

    Length: 235mm
    Width: 642mm
    Height: 950mm
    Weight: 49.25kg

    BS EN 14688:2006 Sanitary appliances. Wash basins. Functional requirements and test methods BS EN 31:2011 Pedestal wash basins. Connecting dimensions

    Additional Information    
    Diameter of tubes is 32mm. 
    Output:2346 BTUs/558 watts (△T=50℃)
    Distance from wall to the rail is 110mm.
    Fill the radiator approximately 90% (6.5) with an anti-rust mixture if the radiator is to be used for electric heating only (not connected to a central heating system)
    Includes all brackets and fixings.
    High quality chrome plated finish.
    Valves are required. These are not included.
    Designed to be plumbed into your central heating system. Operating pressure up to 8 bar. (Certified by BEN N.L)
    Maximum working temperature: 95℃ 420mm plumbing pipe centers