Alca WC Frame & Cistern 1.12M Code - AM101/1000

Built on a passion for continuous innovation, and delivering top quality, yet simple solutions, Alcas primary aim is to make the lives of their customers easier. On this basis, they have developed frame solutions for every imaginable scenario, including systems with forced air ventilation, cisterns that conserve water, options for people with reduced mobility, and much more.

Alca WC Frame & Cistern 1.12M

SKU: AM101/1120
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  • Application
    For wall-hung WC
    For mounting in front of a support wall or in to a plasterboard construction
    For floor thickness 0–200 mm
    For installation of wall-hung WC pans with a connecting pitch of 180 mm or 230 mm

    Big Flush 6-9L
    Small Flush 2.5 - 3.5L 
    Default Big Flush Setting 6L 
    Default Small Flush Setting 3L 
    Water Volume in Cistern 9L 
    Load test - 400KG 

    Dispenser for WC cistern tablets included
    Adjustable anchor feet and a spring-lock system, with a range of 0–200 mm
    Sliding rail holder for the waste connector can be set to eight positions between 0–93 mm
    Angle valve with the ability to connect to the Mepla piping system
    The frame allows the anchoring to a separate sufficiently strong plasterboard partition, in front of the bearing wall
    The installed module is covered with a plasterboard panel and there is no need for any additional fixing or anchoring elements
    The construction of polystyrene insulation prevents condensation forming on the surface of the tank and dampens the vibrations from the tank into the building structure
    Prepared for connecting a bracket with a DG 1/2” conversion for bidet seats and sprays
    Dual flush independently adjustable with hygienic reserve
    Suitable for installation of remote or sensor flushing
    Compatible with all ALCA flush plates
    Maintenance work without using any tools
    Water supply from the rear/top
    The cistern is made of one piece, thus ensuring 100% impermeability
    The service opening cover simplifies assembly and prevents the penetration of moisture and impurities
    Installation depth adjustable from 20–95 mm
    Installation depth 125 mm
    Frame material: powder-coated metal

    EAN: 8595580549398